Vapotherm Access Post-CareTM

Help support your COPD patients in the first days and weeks after leaving the hospital while they’re vulnerable during transition.

Vapotherm Access Post-CareTM is a short-term COPD remote monitoring and nurse triage service, offered to healthcare providers as a 30-day subscription that is incorporated into patient discharge instructions, efficiently extending the reach of your transitional care team.

Value for Healthcare Providers

Remote Patient Monitoring
for patients after discharge when they are vulnerable to hospital readmission during their transition home.

41% reduction in all-cause annual
inpatient utilization
among studied patients may contribute to1:
Reduction in readmissions and penalties; and
Reduction in challenges relating to ED Boarding & ED Throughput.

Implementation of a COPD remote patient monitoring and telemedicine program
has been associated with a reduction in average length of stay for all cause hospitalizations by a mean of 3 days.2

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Interested in long-term remote patient monitoring for COPD?

Interested in long-term remote patient monitoring for COPD?

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Learn more about our platform.

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