Help ensure your COPD patients get the right care at the right time1 with Vapotherm Access.TM

Through the Vapotherm Access platform, we combine daily patient symptom reporting, proprietary algorithms, protocols, and triage services that are connected to your existing medical record systems.

Our COPD-focused platform helps provide the additional support that your patients need outside of the hospital.

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See How it Works:

We offer two forms of COPD care under one platform, that helps improve patient Engagement, Outcomes, and Satisfaction1,2.

Vapotherm Access Post-Care<sup style=TM">

Vapotherm Access Post-CareTM

Post-Care is a short-term COPD monitoring and nurse triage service that efficiently extends the reach of your transitional care team into the home after a patient has left the hospital.

Vapotherm Access 365<sup style=TM">

Vapotherm Access 365TM

365 is a long-term COPD monitoring and nursing triage service that efficiently extends the reach of your practice into the home every day of the year.


“I don’t think we do a great job in this country of care when you see a patient twice a year and they’re feeling good when you see them. The daily access where you can see the fluctuations of their disease on a real time basis, and you can intervene at that point are a tremendous advantage to the prevention of worsening.


- Dr. Mark Boomer, Sr. Clinical Director, Vapotherm Access Care Network



The Impact of Vapotherm Access

80% of patients studied entered symptoms daily, sustained year-after-year.

Vapotherm Access provides same-day nursing triage service. Studies show that other programs can take longer than 6 days to address patient needs.

Reduction in all-cause annual inpatient utilization may contribute to reduction in readmissions penalties and reduction in challenges relating to the emergency department boarding and throughput.5

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